Industrial & Commercial Roofing

We have provided a service for industrial type roofs for many years and carry on doing so in a very safe and professional manner. The company provides repairs, maintenance throughout the year and full installations of industrial types of roofs that typically include:

Maintenance programmes for small and large roofs including clearing out of gutters and downpipes and surface grids. Cleaning out of all valleys and around all skylights. To install bird control where necessary.

There are many types of industrial roofing systems that we install, including:

Composite Roof and Wall Panels

Composite roof and wall panels comprise of an inner liner sheet and an outer corrugated panel with an insulated core, all in one composite panel. Composite panels can be used for roofs and walls. This is a modern industrial roofing system that is very popular in refurbishment as well as new builds. The benefits are:

Insulated System

Built up insulated roof sheeting will reduce temperature changes especially in big warehouses and storage facilities. The method of insulating could also help with reducing overall energy costs.

Over Cladding

Buildings at some point will need extensive renovation work and over cladding will reduce some costs and provide a new lease of life to a building. We can provide:

Commercial Roofing and Cladding

A business which is classed a commercial property is usually better for serving customers and has to be made very attractive to pull attention towards it for a better selling power. This is why commercial companies need to have a well maintained appearance from the outside and Crossley Construction can provide that.

The options and systems are the same as industrial (composite roof and wall panels, insulated systems, over cladding and complete new roofs and builds).

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